Unlocked Cell Phones

Unlocked Cell Phones:

What is Unlocking?

Definition:  Unlocking a smartphone phone is the process by which the owner of a phone can gain root access to its operating system.  Unlocking it allows the consumer to use every file on the device both protected and hidden.  It allows for permission changes, editing and modification of these files.  Unlocking grants the cell phone owner full access and full permissions and allows for the removal of all default restrictions.  Essentially unlocking gives the owner of a smartphone full and complete access to all aspects of the device.  Our technicians and cell phone repair services can unlock your world.

The technicians at Cell Phone Repair Orange are certified across a wide range of cellular phone and tablet manufacturers to perform full array of cell phone repair and restoration services that also included unlocking and jailbreaking.  Our goal is to empower the consumer to realize the full potential of their high tech electronic devices.

5 reasons why you should unlock your phone:

A)  The first reason is, “Because You Can!”
  1. It’s finally legal.  As of August 1, 2014 President Obama signed a bill that once again permitted consumers to unlock their cellular phones, making it easier to change carriers when it suits them.  This additional flexibility marks a milestone in consumer rights versus the cellular carriers.
  2. It gives consumers the freedom to choose.  End users can decide which mobile service best suits them.  Perhaps they found a carrier with better coverage of their area. They can connect to any provider that’s willing to provide them service as long as their particular device is supported.  If you’re tired of your carrier and want to switch for any reason, you can now do it.
  3. It frees consumers from early termination fees.  It also eliminates other onerous charges placed on them by some carriers.

B)  It allows for more choices of cellular phones.
  1. AT&T has a phone that a T-Mobile customer wants.  The system allows for cross brand shopping.  Unlocked phones allow for transactions such as this.
  2. Unlocked phones allow for faster hardware upgrades.  They eliminate contractual obligations brought on by the use of multi-year agreements.
  3. Consumers can purchase new phones at any time.  Why wait for a scheduled upgrade? End users can upgrade themselves at any time that they desire.
  4. Unlocked phones sell for more than locked ones.  If an end-user should decide to sell a smartphone, an unlocked one is more valuable.

C)  Customers can get cellular plans that best suit them.
  1. There are big differences in pricing structures.  Despite what the big carriers would like us to believe there exists big differences in pricing plans.
  2. The big four carriers are priced pretty much the same.
  3. Regional carriers can offer superior services.  Smaller carriers have cell plans as good as or even better than those offered by many of the cellular giants.  Some of the smaller carriers have an interesting attitude.  They have made it clear that they would love to take on any customers that own unlocked phones.
  4. End users can change plans whenever they want.  When updated service programs are not to a consumer’s liking, unlocked cellular customers are not locked into the long term. They can have tremendous flexibility.
  5. Unlocking the phone gives consumers real choices.

D)  Unlocking a cell phone does not compromise security.
  1. Many carriers have allowed this misconception.  In an effort to discourage cellular phone customers from unlocking their smartphones, the large carriers have allowed this blatant lie to continue.
  2. No security risks in unlocking cell phones.  The fact is that unlocking a cell phone poses no security risks whatsoever.

E)  Unlocked smartphones work effortlessly overseas.
  1. Some locked phones don’t work in certain countries.
  2. Locked phones must use costly roaming plans.  Previously, consumers with locked phones were forced to utilize expensive international roaming plans.  Now, an unlocked  smartphone will allow an end-user to temporarily use an international carrier’s network without worrying about roaming.  This is  an important consideration for consumers and business persons who are well-traveled or work globally.
  3. In most of the world, cell services are less than in the U.S.

What is Jailbreaking.

Some call it “hacking” your cell phone.  While others insist that jailbreaking is just unlocking its true potential, by gaining root access to the device’s operating system.  It allows the user to change permissions and remove default restrictions normally instituted by cellular carriers. The process allows for the modification of the hardware settings which only permits the installation of some of the more advanced software applications.

Carriers routinely limit certain applications restricting the phone to their particular services only.  Jailbreaking literally frees the phone up from such restrictive software.  Jailbreaking a cell phone allows for the downloading of applications normally restricted by the operating system or the carrier.
For example jailbreaking an iPhone would allow application downloads from sources other than Apple.
These are difficult and complicated processes to attempt on your own. Hacking your own phone could be disastrous if you are not completely familiar with the procedures and details.

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